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Canton, OH 44708
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2017 August News from Tam O'Shanter Golf Course

August Special

Time to get your game on this August! Just because the school supplies are
in the stores and Halloween candy is on the shelves, doesn't mean golf
season is over. August is a great month to golf and take advantage of our special.

18 HOLES W/CART is only $28.00
Monday - Thursday
 Our noon-2:00 special is still $25.00 Monday-Thursday. 
Get the kids on the bus and come play a few rounds with us.  Don't forget to stop in the golf shop, shirts and jackets are now 30% off.


Sign up now for our putting clinic on August 19th.


We know that your time is valuable and we want to assure you we are doing
everything we can to make your Tam O'Shanter experience the best. Here is
what Tam O'Shanter is doing to make pace of play better for everyone.

  • Ten-minute interval so we don't clog the first few holes with too many players
  • Several sets of tees so you have a chance to reach in regulation
  • Wider fairways and landing zones so your ball has a better chance to have a good lie
  • Fairways mowed closer to the forward tees to minimize lost balls for short hitters
  • Trees limbed up along fairways so lost balls are found faster
  • Non-strategic trees removed so you have a clearer path back to true fairway if you hit it wide
  • "Friendly" rough, mowed short enough so your ball is easy to find but presents a fair challenge

Here's what you can do for better pace of play for yourself and others.
  • Play from the right set of tees
  • If walking, don’t travel as a member of a pack all going to each others’ ball - go to your own ball
  • If riding in a cart, go to the first ball and drop off the first player with a few clubs... then the other player goes to their ball
  • Begin reading the green and lining up your putt as you walk to the green
  • Get off the green after you putt ... and write down the scores at the next tee box
  • Be considerate about lost balls. If it’s obviously way in the jungle, don’t waste your time. And don’t ask your playing partners to waste their time looking for your lost ball - they should be going to their next shot
  • Save your funny stories for waiting situations such as second shots on par 5s
  • Don’t use a long set-up routine... it doesn’t help your game and is just annoying

We hope these suggestions help. Golf should be fun and relaxing - not a
race track. But, slow play is not fun or relaxing - it’s frustrating for
your playing partners and the people behind you.