5055 Hills & Dales Road NW
Canton, OH 44708
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2017 October News from Tam O'Shanter Golf Course

Fall Rates begin October 2

Even if it still feels like summer and the courses are in perfect condition, we are going to offer fall rates. Aeration will be done next spring so come on out and enjoy this weather and Tam O'Shanter.




9 HOLES WALKING| $ 13.00
9 HOLES RIDING| $ 21.00

18 HOLES WALKING | $18.00
18 HOLES RIDING| $26.00

The Hills Course will close for the season on October 8 but we plan to keep the Dales Course open throughout the winter, weather permitting, of course. If there isn't any snow, we can pick up balls on the range and we will have the driving range open too.




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Tam O'Shanter is a better place to play!