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2017 Golf Lessons

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Golf is a lot more fun when you shoot lower scores. Breaking 100, or 90, or 80 for the first time can be a thrill for any golfer. Learning or improving a few key elements of the swing, or how to play the game, can make a huge difference in the numbers you write on your scorecard. It opens a whole new world of what makes golf so fun.

I am excited once again to return to Tam O'Shanter Golf Course as an independent contracted, PGA Teaching Professional. As one of Stark County's top teachers and also one of the country's Top 50 U.S. Kids instructors, my goal is to help my students lower their scores so they can enjoy the game and play more often. Wow, imagine that!

My mission is to provide the best environment that allows golfers to reach their true potential. Every individual is unique though. I know that everyone is different and we all have our own individual personality and learning styles, swing shapes, tempo, and practice habits that separate and distinguish each student.

My goal is not to change your swing to model another golfer or the latest Golf Digest swing of the month. I will incorporate the most effective suggestions that will help you ultimately play your best and still feel comfortable. My purpose is to build and improve your physical golf swing, improve mental and practice skills, as well as learn the rules and etiquette of this game.

To schedule your lesson call Doug Lemons at 330-412-2320 or visit ojgagolf.com, register for free and set up a lesson time online 24/7.

Lesson Prices:


Single  $45            
Age 10 and under  
20 minute lesson  
Series of 4 $160
Series of 8         
Playing Lesson $80



Series of 4 $200
Series of 8 $380
Playing Lesson $80


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